Is outsourcing investment leads a good idea?

When it comes to investment lead generation, relying on referrals is not enough to stimulate growth. However, many businesses may wonder about the ROI on outsourcing investment leads. 

Due to superior expertise and technology, outsourcing investment lead generation can generate leads at scale.

This article will examine why choosing to outsource your investment lead generation can bring an excellent ROI and help your business expand.

Benefits of Outsourcing Investment Leads

Generating investment leads can be complex due to the requirement of targeting the right demographic. Getting the message out to qualified prospects can be challenging; therefore, there are many benefits of using an experienced agency in generating investment leads.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing to outsource investment leads.

It is more efficient

One of the biggest challenges of generating investment leads is targeting the right market. This is particularly true when your target investors must be classified as sophisticated due to unregulated investments or other areas of specialism.

Casting out a wide net may prove to be unsuccessful and inefficient. It can take up a lot of time and costs but ultimately prove to have a low ROI.

Rather than hiring new staff or expecting your team to acquire specialised knowledge, it is beneficial to outsource the lead generation to the experts. They will use their experience to deliver targeted generation across a wide range of platforms.

Ability to access superior technology

Using an agency will mean your campaign can combine the latest technology and approaches to deliver an integrated campaign across multi-channels.

With a combination of AdTech, online adverts, email, content marketing, lead generation sites, coding, programming, data science, marketing knowledge, AI, and machine learning, your campaign has a far greater chance of success.

By outsourcing, you access a single platform that can integrate the strategies across multi-channels and approaches. The cost of setting up such a comprehensive system yourself would be far greater than the cost of outsourcing.

Focus on building Qualified Leads

Finding and engaging qualified investment leads starts with data-driven targeting. Outsourcing begins with gathering data on potential investors from a variety of sources.

Data enhancing techniques can build profiles based on multiple investments and in-market behaviour intent signals. Browsing history on mobile devices can also find potential qualified leads.

Geo-fencing and location specifics can target potential investors by postcode.

Tapping into the experience of a specialist investor lead generation company can ensure that less time is wasted on unqualified leads and instead focus on those investors who are more likely to be interested in your product.

Helping you to Scale Up

Your business is probably hoping to grow, and scaling up is the only way that will happen.

Scaling up is one of the more complex things for a business to deal with when it comes to lead generation. Utilising your existing team’s efforts on lead generation can cause an imbalance in providing customer service and closing deals.

Lead generation is the easiest part of the sales funnel to outsource since it will allow your existing staff to focus on the end part of investment sales and closing the deals using their extensive investment opportunity knowledge.

A lead generation company will spread your campaign across the vast network of channels and reach across all devices.

Using their technology and AI, they can direct campaigns and respond to behaviours to ensure that qualified leads are identified and targeted. 

Your potential investors will learn more about your brand and investment opportunities thanks to your extensive reach. It will also create the impression that you have a more significant presence, helping to build trust from potential investors.

Allows you to focus on the personal touch

Outsourcing lead generation means you will have better-qualified prospects that your team can be confident about approaching. It makes their sales pitches more likely to hit the right note.

Your team will have a better conversion rate if they concentrate on investment leads that are interested and able to invest in your product. It will improve communication with prospects and deliver more positive outcomes.

As well as saving time, it will help to build stronger relationships with clients and facilitate more professional meetings or contact. 

Specific targeted campaigns can highlight essentials such as risk versus potential returns. Trust is an important factor in investing, so when lead generation brings informed prospects, it makes it much easier for your team to connect them with your products.

Faster marketing and sales feedback

Insights are precious in evaluating the success of a campaign and therefore being able to optimise results. Without them, you could continue on a campaign path that will not deliver a good ROI.

One of the advantages of outsourcing lead generation is their ability to deliver improved reporting that shows how to drive conversions.

Experience and understanding of insights allow lead generators to adjust parameters during a campaign to improve the success by responding rapidly to reports.

Insights don’t stop at initial lead generation. They also provide information to help you to reach out to existing leads and target them with different ads. This aspect of nurturing prospects is key to building long-lasting relationships and encouraging growth.





Improve your content marketing

In the digital age, it is vital to have an online presence that attracts investors.

Alongside the campaigns that can be offered, you can also outsource the content marketing that will boost traffic to your website and convert more of those leads.

Lead generators will focus on keyword targeting to ensure that the keywords potential investors are typing into Google, and other search engines are leading to your site.

They can also ensure that the landing pages on your website match up to the campaigns so that investors find precisely what they are looking for when they arrive on your site.

If you have an investment opportunity and want help with lead generation, get in touch with us at Pinnacle. However fast you want to grow, we can help you generate leads at the scale you need.